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about US

With Wireless audio system,

A device that responds to music and incoming calls.
It is designed to fit all helmets such as motorcycles, bicycles, skis, etc.
by connecting the latest wireless communication devices from a smartphone.

The latest version 5.0 headset “HEADTOOTH ™” will open a paradigm shift in real life with a new sound
transmission method that has never been experienced before, unlike a regular headset that
can only be used for motorcycle riding. To maximize the convenience of life, it uses latest version 5.0's
features for supporting not only basic functions (e.g. listening to music or talking on the phone)
but also other special functions (e.g. business meetings and camping with loved ones).

It was initially developed for the purpose of helping the rider with
his/her work on the move. However, through its repeated evolution and
continuous performance improvement, it has finally become a 3D sound
system that can express the depth of sound and the fineness of the beat.
'HEADTOOTH™' based on bone conduction technology are designed
in such a way that two large oscillators with a diameter of 20 mm are used for
transmitting stereo sound to the entire helmet. Thus, the system can
add excitement and fun to your experience.
“Now, choose a headset with a helmet wireless connection based on sound quality and immersive sound.”


Yeil Electronics is a specialized Korean company that has grown on the basis of vibration application technology. In 2008, we have developed Korea's first vibration earphone which generates air vibrations by the diaphragm's resonance motion, and we have also developed a haptic linear vibration motor for mobile phones. As a result, we have a number of related patents. Based on the vibration element technology, we won the Grand Prize in the Korea IP Champion Competition in 2013.
We have created a more realistic digital touch by using an AC motor to implement quick vibration response characteristics (Rising Time, Falling Time) and residual vibration minimization, which are difficult to implement with a conventional DC motor mounted on a mobile phone.

Our researchers have further developed vibration technology to develop various
sound systems based on bone conduction methods (supporting real sound without
putting the device in your ears)
specialized for wearable products to expand
the scope of their application to all areas of real life.

It is the basic spirit of Yale Electronics and HEADTOOTH™ to develop and
commercialize innovative, future-oriented products that are more convenient,
popular and versatile by stepping into unexplored industries.
  • Vibration Earphone

  • Smart Helmet

  • Smart Watch

  • Smart Sunglass

  • Smart Cap

'HEADTOOTH™' is based on the Bone Conduction Speaker technology.
The fresh idea behind applying HEADTOOTH™ is applying bone conduction (enabling sound transmission without touching your ears) to ornaments such as sunglasses, glasses, hearing aids, bracelets, watches and hats.

We have developed 'HEADTOOTH™' with the following strong mindset: “If a product is nothing new, don’t make it. The performance and convenience of a new product should be significantly higher than that of existing products.”
Our ‘HEADTOOTH™’ will provide a new experience to quick service industry workers using helmets, rider club members, rock climbers, skiers, and construction workers.


main function

  • Latest wireless
    communication 5.0

    We have minimized the communication disconnection
    while using the system, and we have also increased
    usability by enabling communication
    between devices in a wider range.

  • Waterproof

    It is designed with IPX6 waterproof level;
    thus, it is safe to pour coffee or soda on the product.
    It is possible to do outdoor activities without
    concern even in snowy/rainy weather.

  • Hands-Free

    Even if you receive a call while driving or
    listening to music, you can switch
    to the phone call with a simple operation.

  • Noise Cancellation

    By applying Qualcomm's latest noise-cancelling technology,
    you can make clear and better calls anytime, anywhere,
    even in a noisy city or on a noisy road.

  • Navigation-Linked Directions

    Simply install the app to make the system interwork
    with your smartphone. After that, you can use functions
    such as navigations for directions, TTS (Text To Speech), etc.

  • Large Battery

    There are two built-in large-capacity batteries.
    After these batteries are fully charged, the system supports
    continuous calls and music playback for up to 8 hours, and
    the system on standby time lasts for up to 8 days.
    There will be voice guidance when the battery is low.

  • Multi Mobile OS Support

    The system supports multiple mobile Operating Systems
    such as Google Android and Apple iOS.
    Thus, it can be used on all mobile devices.

  • One-Touch Button

    The system is designed to implement every function
    (e.g. Power On/Off, Answering a phone call, Playing music,
    and Connecting with a device) with a single button press.

  • KC Certification

    Since we have obtained the Korea Certification Mark
    (KC Mark) for the system, it is safe from the danger of
    electromagnetic waves and interference between devices.


composition of product

  • Charging cable





  • Width


  • Height


  • Weight